Snow for ME!

Human Lady says this is the second time it’s snowed in TWO months!! The first time was when all the guests were at our house for a MONSTER meal. They didn’t let me have any of it. . . but it smelled good. Something about garlic and, “You’re a dog.” Whatever.

Second snowfall, right. The Humans are kind of weird about it. Favorite Human doesn’t seem to like it very much, but Human Lady is like … almost as excited as me. She doesn’t run and leap about, but she does throw me balls of the stuff AND she made what she calls a “snowman.” It just looks like a giant pile of snow to me. TheĀ big problem with her snow-heap-man-thing is that she used MY sticks in the snow. THOSE ARE MINE!! I had to take them out of the snow-heap before it did something with them. They belong in the yard, where I can get at them, not sticking out of a pile of snow near the sidewalk. SOMEONE MIGHT STEAL THEM!!!

Human Lady doesn’t always get how to do things right, but at least she made a giant snow-heap for me to munch on. I take a bite every time I walk past it.