New friend

Today Favorite Lady brought over a new friend for me to play with. His name is Logan and he smells AMAZING. He won’t let me dominate him, but we’ve been rolling around and wrestling in the yard for a while now. He sure does whine a lot. . . geez. Was I like this as a puppy? I don’t think so. . .

Maybe Human Lady and Favorite Human will let him stay. The humans say this dog won’t share his food because he was on the streets for so long. I guess not every dog gets to be as lucky as me.

Did I mention he talks a lot? It’s pretty epic. He lies down and starts to bark and talk; he talks when he wrestle; he wanders the house whining . . the only time he doesn’t whine is when he’s drinking water or getting a treat. Human Lady is sharing treats with me AND Logan.

I wonder if this dog will ever come inside for couch snuggles. The last time a puppy was here she snuggled a lot with the humans and even me. Logan is a lot older than her though, so maybe that means we’ll just get to play a lot.



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