Bright lights in the sky

Yesterday Human Lady took me for a walk/run up the hill to the big house with the good smelling yard. There were SO MANY PEOPLE and smells. . . but before we got to them, we stopped part way up the road to hang out with other humans and watch all the flying lights that made big booms and pops. I don’t mind the noises and lights, which is why Human Lady took me. Apparently she also wanted me to meet more humans and not boof at them. I was pretty good and even met a little human. She had nice smelling fingers.

At the top of the hill I got to meet  A LOT of people, but none of the dogs because their humans were worried about them in the dark. Like we need lights to sniff each other. Pffft. I even got to sit on a nice Human Guy’s blanket. He was very friendly. We then moved up so Human Lady could see the flashy lights better and there were flappy things in the sky around us — she told me they were ‘bats.’ Whatever, they were flappy and sneaky and they did kind of scare me when one flew right past my face. I just felt the air on my muzzle and sniffed a strange animal then *Fwap fwap* it was gone.

Human Lady and I ran down the hill home again afterwards. It was super fun, she even allowed me to carry the leash a little bit because I was running so nicely.


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