It’s only playing

This morning at the park was AMAZING. I got to play with SO MANY FUN DOGS, especially my girlfriend (so says Human Lady), Aphrodite. She is a deaf bulldog, but that doesn’t stop us from having tons of fun. We ran and wrestled and slobbered and it was just the greatest time ever. I’m learning not to try to hump her — she REALLY hates it.

Some other humans were there too and they got very concerned when they heard Aphrodite’s play-talk. We were playing, but they thought it was something horrible and awful because it sounds like AWROROWFFOOWOWOFOSLFLGGJGOWOWOOGGRRRRR.  It must sound like we’re fighting to them, but to us it’s just play talk. Why is talking while playing so bad. Humans do it!! We weren’t growling or barking or anything, just talking. Well, Aphrodite was doing all the talking. For a deaf dog she sure does have a lot to say.

I wish people wouldn’t be so scared of a bit of talking.

I also go to see my little friends. I don’t know what they are, but they are TINY little ‘woks’ according to Human Lady. They come running over to say hi and the girl, Sophie, likes to hang around and watch other dogs play. I’m not sure what the little boy’s name is, but he is a bit more fun to bound over.  They aren’t so good at actually playing with me, but we say hi and share sniffs. Not everyone will play with me, and that’s okay. Sometimes it’s nice to just say hello.